IVCA Feature: TEN 2019 Predictions for Venture Capital and Private Equity, As Reported by the Financial Press

January 9, 2019

Happy NEW YEAR 2019, may it be a prosperous one. The economy grew in 2018, despite some late year fluctuations, and the atmosphere for the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries continue toward upward evolution. But what will 2019 portend, and how will it affect the VC/PE world? The predictors and prognosticators in the financial media have been busy at the end of 2018, and they have weighed in on what might happen in the year 2019. Here are ten articles for consideration.
GeekWire.com, ‘How Will Venture Capital Change in 2019? Pitchbook Makes Six Predictions
GeekWire.com breaks down the Pitchbook report, and compares 2018 to their predictions of last year. “With seed deal size rising, more non-traditional investment vehicles, and an increasing amount of companies going public, the Venture Capital industry continues to evolve.”
READ MORE: https://www.geekwire.com/2018/will-venture-capital-change-2019-pitchbook-makes-6-predictions/ 
Dechert.com, ‘2019 Global Private Equity Outlook’
As the global private equity market continues its ascent, creativity is emerging in a crowded market. Our report, in partnership with Mergermarket, surveyed 100 senior-level executives and identifies key trends.
READ MORE: https://www.dechert.com/knowledge/publication/2018/9/2019-global-private-equity-outlook.html 
Medium.com, ‘Why 2019 Will Be a Mixed Fundraising Year for Start-Ups’
Predictions should always carry a warning — the past is not a perfect predictor of the future. Even the most sophisticated models might not have captured the most important variables in reality. That said, many important signs point to 2019 being a more challenging year for US startups to raise funding. This is not a prediction of slowdown, it’s a prediction that the demand for capital companies will grow faster than the supply of capital.
READ MORE: https://medium.com/datadriveninvestor/why-2019-will-be-a-mixed-fundraising-year-for-startups-9a32ab626c91 
PWC.com, ‘Deals Year-End Review and 2019 Outlook
Headlines... “How Abundant Capital, Not the Economy, Will Shape M&A in 2019”... “Capital: U.S. Companies Have Funds to Make Bold Investments”... Scale: Buyers See Growth Potential Within Their Sectors... and more. This is a neatly codified outlook collection.
READ MORE: https://www.pwc.com/us/en/services/deals/year-end-review-and-2019-outlook.html 
HydeParkAngels.com ‘Five Start-up Trends that Shaped the Midwest in 2018... And Will Carry Through to 2019
The high profile Chicago-based early stage investment firm weighs in: “2018 is quickly drawing to its close, but the Midwest’s venture capital activity is still buzzing.... The prompted me to review the 2018 investment activity and exits the region has seen across the Midwest – defined here as Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin – and five clear trends emerged that will carry us into 2019.”
READ MORE: http://hydeparkangels.com/5-startup-trends-that-shaped-the-midwest-in-2018/ 
BDO.com, ‘Private Equity PErspectives Podcast
Episode 10: Predictions for the Middle Market in 2019: With 2018 nearly in the rearview mirror, dealmakers have started considering how the shifting market landscape, ongoing trade tensions, and an increased emphasis on digital transformation will impact private equity in the year ahead. 
LISTEN HERE: https://www.bdo.com/private-equity-perspective-podcast 
Forrestor.com, ‘Predictions 2019: The Ebb and Flow of VC Dough
Technology startup markets can go through periods of irrational exuberance in which money seems to grow on trees. Those same markets can also quickly transition into periods of frightful volatility – much like today’s stock market. This creates uncertainty and risk for large corporations, VC funds, and private equity firms that want to invest in emerging technology markets as a source of innovation and new revenue.
READ MORE: https://go.forrester.com/blogs/emerging-technology-venture-capital-investment/ 
SecureDocs.com ‘Looking Ahead: M&A 2018 Wrap-Up and 2019 Forecast
The SecureDocs blog has a number of trends for M&A, fundraising and other business events, and compares a 2015 transactions report with the actual results of the past three years. “Now that 2018 is drawing to a close, it’s the perfect time to reexamine Baker McKenzie’s forecasts three years ago for global activity in mergers & acquisitions. Were they wholly accurate or entirely off the mark? Let’s find out.”
READ MORE: https://www.securedocs.com/blog/looking-ahead-ma-2018-wrap-up-and-2019-forecast 
Fortune.com, ‘Predictions for 2019: Fortune’s Crystal Ball for the Year Ahead
An overall viewpoint from the Fortune.com website: “For much of 2018, Predicting the events of the next 24 hours – never mind a full 365 days – has felt impossible. Some days have contained a week’s worth of headlines, and some months have contained more changes to the worlds of business and politics than an entire calendar of years past. Don’t expect 2019 to be any different. But do understand that while the world is changing in fundamental ways, some old lessons still hold true.”
READ MORE: http://fortune.com/2018/12/03/predictions-2019-future-business/ 
Forbes.com, ‘Seven Learning and Development Trends to Adopt in 2019
It’s always interesting to hear about the workplace through HR issues that suggest inner workplace education: “To any business, human capital is its greatest asset and the biggest key to achieving business goals. How can you better prepare your teams to perform in a highly competitive environment? Through training.”
READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbeshumanresourcescouncil/2018/09/24/seven-learning-and-development-trends-to-adopt-in-2019