IVCA Feature: New Member Profile of HyperX Systems

January 23, 2019

With the new year, the membership of the Illinois Venture Capital Association keeps expanding with each new addition, connecting to the comprehensive roster of Venture Capital, Private Equity and the support industries. Members have opportunities in IVCA networking, lobbying support and participation in the development of new ideas and educational events within the association. The latest new member are HyperX Systems, a firm that supports the Information Technology (IT) needs of small and midsize businesses in four U.S. cities, including Chicago.
The following is a Q&A profile with HyperX Systems which explores the firm’s background and their expectations for interacting with the IVCA.
New Member: HyperX Systems
Representative: Dan Smereczynski, Chairman and CTO
IVCA: What is a brief history and background of the HyperX Systems?
HyperX Systems: HyperX was created during the internet usage boom of the 1990s and was founded in 1997. Consequently, this period created many Venture Capital and Private Equity firms that experienced phenomenal growth and returns, which resulted in many partners embarking on their own startups. HyperX carved its niche out of pure necessity by providing platforms and upgrades that would integrate well with the new and ever changing technological climate.
We continue to push the limits of solutions by leveraging both new technologies and having the foresight to provide scalability, security and ease of use. HyperX continually works with VC/PE firms and many of the actual invested portfolio firms too. In addition, we have forged CTO/CIO roles for dozens of companies, which allows a foundational technology for quick sale and/or mergers. Today, we consider ourselves a boutique firm working primarily with financial institutions and providing sustainable and evolving support for over 22 years.
IVCA: Why did the firm decide to join the Illinois Venture Capital Association?
HyperX Systems: HyperX presently serves clients who are current members of IVCA and we were gladly encouraged and invited to create a direct response to further affiliates. We believe that our assistance complements members with a demonstrated knowledge and awareness of the industry. We are eager to talk about and explain our methodology.  
IVCA: In your experience in working with a variety of clients, what are the top Information Technology necessities that firms or companies need to be aware of, and how does that make them an ideal candidate for your services? 
HyperX Systems: Historically, in the 90’s the technological focus was on reliability, speed and execution. Communication was not that reliable. There were some technologies that actually hindered how email was delivered. Over the years, this has been somewhat resolved.
Today, the technology needs have shifted to security and compliance. For example, Microsoft Office 365 – on the surface – seems to offer many solutions... email, applications, voice/video communications and security. However, the platform is void of proper backup, such as in the case of data failure or accidental user deletion. By default, your email is also not protected from viruses, spam and phishing attempts. It is also not secure during transit or a new installation.
We not only properly support Office 365, but we know how to backup your solution to make sure you are compliant with FINRA, SEC and or other regulatory bodies. In addition, we stabilize and secure everything across all of your firm’s devices. HyperX has the ability to create a functional and user friendly environment for smooth transactions with your firm in mind.
IVCA: Despite the different goods and services that make up your clients, what are some key commonalities that IT services should provide to optimize any business?
HyperX Systems: Technology should be easy to use. It should be so easy, that a firm and its employees are never hindered by it.  We work with our clients to verify that things like forgotten passwords are a thing of the past. We also practice increased mobility and diversity of devices... this would include laptops, desktops, a temporary computer, or any tablet. We identify when email, file access, communications and transactions are to be executed from anywhere with the utmost security in place.
IVCA: What other services do you provide, that makes your firm unique?
HyperX Systems: In addition to the usual and daily IT services, HyperX also provides due diligence assistance for our clients. We have traveled the world looking at potential investments, looking into infrastructure, compliance and automation of soon to be acquired or invested firms. We are able to identify hidden costs, future costs, IT issues and potential risks. We have also stepped into the roles of CTO/CIOs to advise some of these portfolio companies with their numerous exit strategies.
IVCA: What do HyperX Systems hope to achieve in their interaction with the Venture Capital/Private Equity community within the IVCA?
HyperX Systems: We share the confidence to be more involved with the IVCA community.  Our market niche includes the IVCA members and we enjoy servicing this industry. We understand the VC/PE world very well.
For more information on HyperX Systems, go to HyperX.com