IVCA Feature: Eight Online Articles on Retaining and Nurturing Talent

February 20, 2019

IVCA Feature: Eight Online Articles on Retaining and Nurturing Talent

Two weeks ago, the IVCA reported on the City Scholars program (click here), an initiative to introduce top University of Illinois tech students to the city life of Chicago. The goal of the program is to maintain talent in the Windy City and Illinois beyond the local academic lives of the students. Maintaining and nurturing talent is an ongoing issue with the complex and technology jobs within the Venture Capital and Private Equity industries, especially in an economy where high level players have their pick of locations and companies. The IVCA has collected a number of current articles on the topic from the internet ...

KaufmanRossin.com, ‘How To Hire, Nurture and Retain Top Talent

From an HR panel in South Florida, with case study examples: “Attracting and retaining top-notch talent is an ongoing challenge that human resources professionals continue to face. And with unemployment at an all-time low, companies increasingly bemoan the dearth of talent needed to grow their organizations in the competitive landscape.

READ MORE: https://kaufmanrossin.com/news/how-to-hire-nurture-and-retain-top-talent/


Forbes.com, ‘A Hidden Business Function To Solve the Talent Waste Problem’

Employers should be doing with their workforce what SaaS companies do via their customer success software: taking a long-term approach to relationship building, focusing on effective onboarding, providing channels to submit feedback, and sensing problems early. Basically, treat employees like customers. Darren Bounds even coined the phrase “Employee Success” for nurturing and retaining talent.

READ MORE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/jasonfinkelstein/2019/02/05/a-hidden-business-function-to-solve-the-talent-waste-problem/


TulaInternational.com, ‘Case Study – The Tree Project (PDF)’

For individual companies, understanding the talent landscape is essential for recruiting leaders. For venture capital and private equity firms, this same understanding is the key to nurturing a successful portfolio of companies.

READ MORE: http://www.tulainternational.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/CASE-STUDY-Three-Tree-Project.pdf


IntellectResources.com, ‘Hiring Top Tech Talent Requires an Investment in People

Today’s generation of tech Intrapreneurs aren’t afraid to change course, they are driven by the next great idea, not afraid of failure. Self-motivated, proactive and action-oriented they thrive in environments outside the “box” where innovation leads and new emerging business models follow. A lot are leaving organizations that aren’t creating this type of culture because the culture means more than the pay scale.

READ MORE: https://www.intellectresources.com/hiring-top-tech-talent-requires-an-investment-in-people/


MilesLehane.com ‘The Ultimate Guide to Recruiting and Retaining Top Talent

A comprehensive overview from an “employability” agency: “Whatever your situation, whether you are within a large organization or a small work team, you know you have to get a job done with the work force as it exists. The work force as it exists today is crowded, varied, and unevenly talented. No characteristic of today’s work force is more important than this: It is multi-generational. No characteristic is more challenging.”

READ MORE: http://www.mileslehane.com/recruiting-retaining-top-talent


Workday.com, ‘Our Vision for a Frictionless Talent Marketplace

As the old saying goes: Good people are hard to find. Nothing could be truer, especially for today’s employers that say they have millions of skilled jobs available but lack workers with the right skills to fill them. Clearly, businesses are grappling with the realities of the skills gap, and this is only being aggravated by the rapid pace of technological change and evolving nature of work. So, what to do?

READ MORE: https://blogs.workday.com/our-vision-for-a-frictionless-talent-marketplace/


EXPodcast.com, ‘Employee Experience

A series of podcasts on employee experience and retention from with a number of various subjects. Topics include “Lead with Love,” “How HR Leaders Can Shape the Future of Work” and “What to EXpect in 2019.”

LISTEN HERE: https://expodcast.com/tag/employee-experience/


CornerstoneOnDemand.com ‘The ROI of Talent Management(PDF)

Another talent recruiting site analysis: “While CEOs see the business value of talent management— typically talent acquisition, learning, performance, talent mobility, compensation, and analytics—some organizations have found it challenging to quantify the business impact or return on such investments. If you are looking for help in building a talent management business case, this overview was created for you.”

READ MORE: https://www.cornerstoneondemand.com/sites/default/files/us-wp-roi-talent-management.pdf