IVCA Feature: Nine 2021 Predictions for Venture Capital and Private Equity, As Reported by the Financial Press

January 5, 2021

Well, we made it. Happy 2021, a year that has become a benchmark for optimism. The Venture Capital and Private Equity has gone through the pandemic era as leaders, funding innovation that has contributed to mitigating the situation. So what will 2021 Indicate, and how will it affect the VC/PE world? The predictors and prognosticators in the financial media have been busy at the end of 2020, and offer the following nine articles looking forward at 2021.
BlumbergCapital.com, ‘Venture Capital Tech – Reflections on 2020 & Predictions for 2021
While no one could have predicted the course of events in 2020, we decided to review some of Blumberg Capital’s predictions from last year. Across the tech ecosystem, let’s take a look at what transpired in 2020 and what’s in store (or online) for 2021.
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Pitchbook.com, ‘Pitchbook Publishes 2021 US Venture Capital Outlook’
PR Summary of Larger Report for VC: “While macro uncertainty remains high, a light is beginning to appear at the end of the tunnel, and we see continued opportunity for innovation as investors, companies and regulators have seemingly embraced the new landscape and committed to increasing access to capital.”
READ MORE: https://pitchbook.com/media/press-releases/pitchbook-publishes-2021-us-venture-capital-outlook-predicting-record-nontraditional-investor-participatio 
PWC.com, ‘Private Equity Deals Insight: 2021 Outlook’
Private equity (PE) firms are expected to pursue a record number of deals in 2020, despite a recession and other economic uncertainties triggered by the global spread of COVID-19. Through mid-November, investors announced nearly 4,100 deals, up 5% from all of 2019, clearing out a backlog of transactions.
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Pitchbook.com, ‘Pitchbook Publishes 2021 Private Equity Outlook’
PR Summary of Larger Report for PE: “The healthy fundraising environment, adding to the existing $1 trillion in dry powder, will prompt GPs to write larger checks and encourage novel structures such as SPACs and GP stakes.”
READ MORE: https://pitchbook.com/media/press-releases/pitchbook-releases-2021-private-equity-outlook-predicting-record-fundraising-yea 
MedCityNews.com, ‘Investors share five digital health predictions for 2021’
After a banner year for digital health, characterized by record adoption and investment, what will come next? Partners with Boston Consulting Group’s Digital Ventures shared their predictions for 2021.
READ MORE: https://medcitynews.com/2020/12/investors-share-five-digital-health-predictions-for-2021/ 
TheDeal.com, ‘Healthcare Private Equity Investing in 2021’
WEBCAST: “Dealmakers continue to be more cautious and selective, but buyers are looking to take advantage of opportunistic acquisitions. Private equity has record amounts of capital that needs to be deployed, but valuations and pricing are being severely affected by current market volatility.”
WATCH WEBCAST (One Hour): https://www.thedeal.com/events/healthcare-private-equity-investing-in-2021/ 
GeekWire.com, ‘2021 Predictions: Why these tech, science and startup leaders are upbeat about the year ahead’
PODCAST: “Of course, the events of 2020 showed that making accurate predictions can be nearly impossible. But they also left us with a flurry of unanswered questions about our collective futures: What direction will the tech industry take in the year ahead? What will the recovery look like? When (and how) will U.S. workers return to the office? Which innovations will define the coming year? Which technologies will be overhyped? And how can startups position themselves to succeed?”
LISTEN HERE (43 Minutes): https://www.geekwire.com/2021/2021-predictions-leaders-tech-life-sciences-investing-government-look-year-ahead/ 
The Ladders.com, ‘Five Predictions for the Future of Work in 2021’
Most corporate executives and mid-level managers are quickly realizing how their companies are permanently evolving due to COVID-19. This pandemic has forced our world to rely more heavily on electronics, and the future of business is forever changed. 
READ MORE: https://www.theladders.com/career-advice/5-predictions-for-the-future-of-work-in-2021 
Fortune.com, ‘Crystal Ball 2021: Predictions for the economy, politics, technology, and more’
An Overall View: “In 2021, we will face challenges both familiar and unforeseen—but we will also see shoots of rejuvenation as the world thaws from lockdown. Here are FORTUNE’s predictions of how the next year will play out.”
READ MORE: https://fortune.com/2020/12/01/2021-predictions-economy-politics-technology-entertainment/