IVCA Feature: Navigating the Evolution of the Workplace in 2021

IVCA Feature: Navigating the Evolution of the Workplace in 2021

September 15, 2021

The changing of the workplace, which began in 2020 when everything flipped at once and adaptation was on the fly, is still in a process of transition. Continuing within that state of flux and one year later, there has been an unprecedented evolution in how we work … in space, definition and “new normal” issues. With this topic ongoing, and still front and center, here are the latest online article and podcast updates.
MeshIntranet.com, Remote Workplace Trends 2021: Navigating the New Normal

Remember when remote working was a reward reserved for a company’s most dependable employees? How quickly things have changed. Many firms were obliged to send all but the most essential staff back to work as a result of COVID-19. According to a recent poll, 26.7 percent of Americans will be working remotely in 2021. This year will witness a major remote work shift, with work-from-home rules across firms and sectors changing dramatically. 

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RMMagazine.com, Navigating Evolving Definitions of the Workplace

After a year of remote work arrangements due to COVID-19, many companiesare starting to welcome employees back to the office as restrictions lift and vaccinations become more widespread. Many companies, particularly those that employ white collar professionals in office settings, are now giving employees more choices about where and when to work.

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IconiqGrowth.com, The Evolving Workplace: Navigating Decision-Making on How and Where We Work

On June 29, ICONIQ also had the pleasure of hosting an online conversation with Melanie Collins, chief people officer at Dropbox, and AJ Josephson, head of people at Miro, to discuss what they’ve learned from the pandemic and their perspectives on the future of work. Both companies have fundamentally changed the way in which we are able to virtually collaborate, regardless of our location. However, building critical products for a virtual world does not necessarily mean that defaulting to an entirely virtual workforce is the best option.
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HBR.org, Mental Health at Work: A Reading List
Harvard Business Review: “More and more people are talking to their bosses about their mental health. Surveys show employees want to work at a company whose culture supports mental health; in fact, it’s becoming one of the most-requested benefits in the wake of the pandemic.”
READ HERE: https://hbr.org/2021/07/navigating-mental-health-at-work-a-reading-list 
Forbes.com, Communication Experts Reveal Tips For Navigating Sensitive Topics In The New Workplace
As many workplaces prepare to reopen after Covid-19 pandemic-induced closures, professionals are arguably entering workplaces filled with potential conversation landmines. Whether it’s questions about vaccination status or uncomfortable conversations about race or politics, many professionals are bracing for a new workplace that seems ready to embrace topics previously eschewed or ignored.
READ HERE: https://www.forbes.com/sites/danabrownlee/2021/08/10/communication-experts-reveal-tips-for-navigating-sensitive-topics-in-the-new-workplace/?sh=4c73d30731a1
HBS.edu, Podcast: Cultivating an Organizational Growth Mindset
Harvard Business School: “‘Tiger’ Tyagarajan, CEO of professional services firm Genpact, on post-Covid workforce challenges, how to foster a culture of adaptability, and the imperative and benefits of diversity.”
LISTEN HERE (30 Minutes): https://www.hbs.edu/managing-the-future-of-work/podcast/Pages/default.aspx 
Stanford.edu, Podcast: The New Normal: How Hybrid Work Actually Works
“One of the things I think is really exciting about all this, and perhaps a little bit frightening, is nobody actually knows how to do it. It is not something that we’ve ever done before … “ says Pamela Hinds Fortinet Founders Chair and Professor of Management Science & Engineering at Stanford University
LISTEN HERE (30 Minutes): https://www.hbs.edu/managing-the-future-of-work/podcast/Pages/default.aspx