IVCA Provides Updates for State Legislative Issues - 09-29-2021

Illinois Venture Capital Association Illinois Legislative Report
David Stricklin / Stricklin & Associates
Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Legislative Maps/Energy Bill/ Shortened Veto-Spring Session
Governor Pritzker Signs Legislative Maps
In the last week of August 2021, legislators returned to Springfield and approved a new set of legislative maps, which included released census data. The new maps passed both the House and the Senate chambers with zero “yes” votes from republicans. Opponents to the maps argued that the process was not transparent and that the Census data was not properly included. Despite the GOP’s contention, critiques, and lawsuits from organizations such as the Latino Policy Forum and Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Governor Pritzker signed the legislative maps on September 24th. 
“These legislative maps align with the landmark Voting Rights Act and will help ensure Illinois’ diversity is reflected in the halls of government,” Pritzker said in a statement.
Major Energy Bill Passed
The climate and Equitable Jobs Act (SB2408) has become law in the state of Illinois. The bill received super bipartisan majorities in both the House (83-33) and Senate (37-17). This act established Illinois as a national leader on climate, equity, and support for communities and workers as Illinois transitions away from fossil fuels.

Illinois Next Investment; Electric Vehicles

The governor and legislators have now turned to electrical vehicle development in the wake of passing a major energy bill. There is now a significant push in Springfield to lure investment from the fast-growing electric vehicle business. The first bill of many to follow, was filed on Monday to create a credit for taxpayers who manufacture electric vehicles, batteries for electric vehicles, or both. Additionally, Governor Pritzker has begun constructing a package that could include lengthening the Edge tax credit prior to 10-20 years and building a temporary relief from local property taxes to incentivize companies to invest in Illinois.

Veto Session 2021/ Legislative Session 2022
Veto session is expected to be light this year as one of the only issues that both the Senate President and Speaker Welch have indicated will be discussed is the congressional remap. In addition, due to the protracted state and congressional remap process, a June 28th, 2022, primary date has been solidified. This incentivizes the General Assembly to try to leave town next spring well ahead of the normally scheduled May 31st adjournment. Both Senate President Don Harmon and House Speaker Chris Welch have indicated their desire for a shortened and “light” spring legislative session next year. They acknowledge that their members need time to talk with constituents during an election year in their districts.